Invacare Homecare is the global leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative home medical products that promote recovery and active lifestyles. Today, home health care is becoming a reality for more and more patients. An increasing number of patient services traditionally provided by hospitals and nursing homes can now be provided more safely and less expensively at home. This revolution in cost-effective healthcare is made possible by a new generation of home-based equipment and technologies like the Invacare® HomeFill® Oxygen System, the Invacare® TDX® Power Wheelchair and Invacare® microAIR® Therapeutic Support Systems.

ResMed is a global leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative medical products for the treatment and management of respiratory disorders, with a focus on sleep-disordered breathing. ResMed sells a comprehensive range of products in more than 70 countries worldwide through direct offices and a network of distributors. Resmed is committed to advancing innovative technology in sleep and respiratory medicine and commercialising innovative products incorporating these technologies on a global basis. In reaching its goals, ResMed will at all times act ethically in dealing with both customers and employees.

Vitalograph designs, manufactures and markets respiratory diagnostic and therapeutic products and is recognised world wide for excellent lung function testing equipment and related services. Vitalograph products and services are used in clinical trials, primary care, occupational health, sports medicine, asthma management, emergency services and hospitals. Vitalograph Ltd is based in the heart of England in a modern company owned Business Park set in the grounds of a Victorian Mansion in a rural area of North Buckinghamshire.

As a world leader in the development of emergency respiratory care devices,   O-Two Medical Technologies Inc. is committed to its motto of “INNOVATION IN RESUSCITATION”. O-Two industry leading approach to research and new product development maintains our position on the leading edge of emerge O-Two complete range of Emergency Respiratory Care devices, from our flagship CAREvent® range of Resuscitators and Automatic Transport Ventilators through to our CPR, Airway Management, Oxygen Therapy and Burn Relief products, are world renowned for their exceptional quality and performance.

Me.Ber., young and dynamic company, always attentive to the technological innovation and to the fast market trend, is among the international leading companies in the manufacturing and marketing of medical devices for the first aid and emergency. The high quality of the products together with the assistance of a qualified technical staff, make Me.Ber. an essential partner for all EMS operators.

Bedfont Scientific Ltd was established in 1976, then called Bedfont Technical Instruments Ltd. It remained a one-man business until Trevor Smith joined as Marketing Director in 1985. He is a Chartered Chemist with a laboratory background at BOC Special Gases and sales experience for laboratory and safety gas analysis products. Today, Trevor Smith heads up Bedfont as its Managing Director and has a majority shareholding. Under him, Bedfont Scientific has become a market leader in breath monitoring for medical applications. Its Smokerlyzer range of carbon monoxide monitors is used by health professionals throughout the world and is recognised as the market leader in smoking cessation and research.

It all began in 1981 with Irmgard and Rudi Bort along with three part-time employees in rented premises in Schorndorf. Today, BORT GmbH develops, manufactures and sells high-quality medical products, in particular supports and braces, the majority of which are prescribed by doctors and refunded by the health insurance companies. A staff of approximately 70, including a 20-strong sales team, is currently employed at the company's headquarters in Weinstadt. A further 110 employees based at two other locations in Germany manufacture around 90 percent of the total of 200 medical products developed and sold by BORT.

Patients and caregivers around the world rely on Hudson RCI®
respiratory products to make breathing easier. Guided by the voice of the respiratory clinician, Teleflex Medical strives to advance patient care by focusing on caregiver efficiency. Every product is designed to be as easy to use as it is effective. Our goal is to advance patient safety and ultimately achieve the best patient outcome by incorporating the needs of the caregiver into every product we make.

Waterloo Healthcare is the most well-known and trusted medical cart manufacturer in the United States.  We have been manufacturing medical carts for over 40 years and are known for our full-range of medical carts including:

  • Emergency Carts / Code carts / Crash carts.
  • Anesthesia Carts
  • Treatment Carts
  • Procedure Carts (Phlebotomy carts, Cast carts, IV start carts, and many others)
  • Medication Carts (Pill cart & patient bin carts)
  • Isolation Carts
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